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The Abel Solar Energy Cart is a reliable source of household electricity whenever and wherever you need it.  It utilizes high-energy solar panels to re-charge its battery source (option of 1 to 4 batteries) to provide AC and DC power never using a drop of gasoline.
The Solar Energy Cart can be configured with Solar Panels ranging from 45 to 260 watts. It uses an LED display solar charge controller to restore and monitor its 115 to 460-amp hour battery pack. It also comes with a home power charger.
The battery pack runs a 2000-watt inverter with a 4000-watt surge capacity providing enough power to run many household and shop appliances. 
The heavy-duty welded, steel cart allows this system to be compact and portable while providing space for up to 4 deep cycle, 115 amp hour batteries.
This cart is built to run a wide range of household appliances: refrigerator, lights, TV, printer, radio, stereo, small microwave…

Systems from $1,100. 
  ·      Secure feeling of having your own power plant

·      Emergency power anytime, anyplace

·      Modular design for easy upgrades

·      Keep in garage or on patio

·      4 times battery capacity of national competitors

·      Run household appliances

·      2000 Watt Inverter

·      Re-charges easily with endless sun source

·      Plug-In charger included